Eat well and Travel Often

Good food; Good mood Amsterdam Eatery Lookbook: Staring at Jacob  I am obsessed with brunch, purely because I’m lazy and hardly ever wake up on time to have breakfast, so brunch is my ideal meal. Being the brunch lover that I am, it was only right to experience a few bunch spots while in Amsterdam….

People will travel anywhere for good food

Coffee and Friends Make the Perfect Blend  Amsterdam Eatery Lookbook: Pluk Amsterdam  Amsterdam has an immense amount of cafes, restaurants and juice bars, making it easy to stumble across places to eat around every corner. Known to locals as De Negen Straatjes or ‘The Nine Streets”, this quaint neighborhood is filled to the brim with…

Love is the food of life and travel is the dessert

Good Food, Good Mood Amsterdam Eatery Lookbook: Stroopwafels & Corner Bakery  I visited Amsterdam for my third time (that tells you how much I love the place) with two of my friends for three days. Amsterdam is well known for the Red-Light District, canals, charming houses, and the cities ‘local delicacy’ that can be found…

This is just the Veganing

Paradise Unbakery A Perfect Portrayal of Veganism! Paradise Unbakery is an adorable cafe situated in North West London, which is one minute walk from Kensal Rise Overground and approximately ten minutes from Kensal Green/Queens Park. It is an independent cafe which makes visiting it even more worthwhile.

Friday is my second favourite F word, my first is food

Hi, my name is Carmelita but everyone calls me Carms.   I’m that girl who will go for seconds, thirds and sometimes fourth helpings! I get a kick out of eating, but don’t we all!  I would love to have an impressive story about my ancestors being chefs or culinary masters, but they are just good old…