Friday is my second favourite F word, my first is food

Hi, my name is Carmelita but everyone calls me Carms.


I’m that girl who will go for seconds, thirds and sometimes fourth helpings!

I get a kick out of eating, but don’t we all!  I would love to have an impressive story about my ancestors being chefs or culinary masters, but they are just good old home cooks like the rest of us ‘normal’ folks.

On broke girl nyam rich, I will share restaurant reviews, recipes, offers and anything that will let you dine like kings and queens, within your means. – Yes, that did rhyme…

A little bit more about me…

I was born and raised in South East London, same area as the singer-songwriter Ray Blk (go and check her out, she’s extremely talented). From growing up in a multi-cultural city and working in the catering and hospitality industry for over five years, I have been immersed to new tastes and flavours, which is why my palate is probably so diverse…That’s a nice way of saying I eat everything and anything!

However, there is one thing I cannot eat and its chocolate. Yes, you did read that correctly, I’m allergic to chocolate. But I will still post recipes and dishes with chocolate in them, as I don’t want to deprive you all!

Patois: Yuh have any food fi nyam?
English: Do you have any food to eat?

My parents are  Jamaican and British descent and both cultures are always incorporated into the food I make and now my blog too! Food has always been focal in regards to spending quality time together as a family doing what we all love best NYAMING (eating).

My other passion is travelling which goes hand in hand with food. I’m the type of person to go on holiday and take five photos of myself and have fifty pictures of the meals I’ve eaten. When your friends save your name on their phone with food emojis, you accept your role as the “food lover”.

Now you know a little bit about me, I hope you will join me on this culinary adventure finding new places to ‘nyam’ at. If you want to have a chat I have left my contact details below, so don’t be shy.

Instagram: brokegirlnyamrich

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  1. So many reasons I loved this besides You Carms 😊!!! Love how lighthearted but real this first blog was. It still amazes me how one of my closest friends can be allergic to my lowkey addiction LMAO!!! Welp God works in mysterious ways! Keep cooking, eating, teavelling and being Great while doing It. PEACE & LOVE XOX


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