This is just the Veganing

Paradise Unbakery

A Perfect Portrayal of Veganism!

Apple Pancakes + Loose tea: £10.00

Paradise Unbakery is an adorable cafe situated in North West London, which is one minute walk from Kensal Rise Overground and approximately ten minutes from Kensal Green/Queens Park. It is an independent cafe which makes visiting it even more worthwhile.

As you enter the cafe you are welcomed by an eye-catching setting; a marriage between palm trees and pastel colours. I was sat close to the entrance, which encompassed a view of the glass display cabinet. Having the fresh salads and raw treats in my line of sight only made it harder for me to decide what to eat!

paardise unbakery

From chocolate sauce to cashew cheese and all the trimmings…

I ordered Bagel and Beans, the dish consisted of a wholemeal bagel with mixed beans avocados, mushrooms, tomatoes, cashew cheese and vegan bacon otherwise known as coconut chips. One of my friends that accompanied me had the avo-on toast and a berry smoothie bowl. I had a taste of both and it was very tasty, one of the best smoothie bowls I have had in ages!

While my other friend had the spelt and buckwheat apple pancakes which were served with fresh berries and chocolate sauce. I tried a tiny bit of my friend’s pancake which did not have any chocolate sauce on it and it was to die for!

Berry Smoothie Bowl + Avocado on toast: £11.40

There slogan is correct:  Good food, Good vibes

paardise unbakery pic
Pixie Juice – Apple, spinach, celery, fennel, pepper, parsley: £4.00

The younger me would never have imagined a meal without meat but this plant based meal changed my outlook. Veganism is no longer considered an extreme lifestyle and places like Paradise Unbakery make it so easy and accessible to enjoy vegan-friendly meals. Paradise Unbakery I will be back!




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