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Amsterdam Eatery Lookbook: Stroopwafels & Corner Bakery 

Freshly made stroopwafel with chocolate and m&m’s: €3.95

I visited Amsterdam for my third time (that tells you how much I love the place) with two of my friends for three days. Amsterdam is well known for the Red-Light District, canals, charming houses, and the cities ‘local delicacy’ that can be found in the coffee-shops. While there is a never-ending selection of things to do in Amsterdam, the most rewarding is definitely the food it has to offer!

No Dutch experience is complete until you’ve tried a stroopwafel

If you are going to try one Dutch sweet treat, make it a stroopwafel.  Stroopwafels are two thin waffles stuck together with a layer of sweet caramel syrup. Traditionally, stroopwafels are placed over a hot beverage for a few minutes so the steam softens the caramel, but the beauty of Van Wonderen Stroopwafels is that they are freshly made to order, with a 3-4-minute turnaround, so the caramel is hot and oozes out!

Wait that’s not all… the stroopwafel is then dipped in melted chocolate and you have the choice between nine different toppings including white chocolate flakes, hazelnuts, caramel, and marshmallows. While I didn’t have any of the accompaniments, (as I am allergic to chocolate) the plain stroopwafel was mouth-watering. But you definitely have to have a sweet tooth, as some may find it sickly having both chocolate and caramel. That being said, both my friends demolished their chocolate stroopwafels, which is always a good sign!

The only downside to the Van Wonderden is that the shop is a little on the small side allowing enough space for roughly ten people, so there’s barely any room to sit down and enjoy the sweet treat. However, there are plenty of canals nearby where you take pictures ‘fit for the gram’

Work hard; brunch harder

Although my friends and I didn’t always eat the healthiest foods (who really does when on holiday?) on the first day we decided to visit a breakfast and brunch restaurant named Corner Bakery, which was our attempt at being “healthy”. Corner Bakery is an ‘instagramable’ establishment with pink decor, fluffy rugs and vivid wallpaper. They currently have two branches in Amsterdam Zid and Nieuw West.

Before entering there were lots of locals eating outside which highlighted the fact that it was definitely an Amsterdam hotspot. As my friends and I were walking towards the entrance I did some food watching…looking at customers plates, trying to figure out what they were eating from a quick glance. Every single plate food looked scrumptious!

Upon entering we were greeted by a waiter who allowed us to sit anywhere in the restaurant. My friends and I decided to sit on a bench with a pink rug and pink cushions which was near the cake display. We were then handed the menus, which were pink of course!

Health is Wealth

Corner Bakery had an extensive menu with an array of food and drink including red velvet pancakes, freak shakes and fresh smoothie bowls. There is literally something for everyone! One of my friends ordered the healthy breakfast which consisted of freshly squeezed juice, coffee or tea, toast with jam and butter, a small bowl of fresh fruit and a small bowl of smoothie bowl of your choice (mango, acai, dragon or bali).

Of course, I couldn’t let my friend indulge without having a taste. The smoothie bowl (left hand side) included dragon fruit, banana, fresh fruit and granola. It was definitely the highlight of the dish!

Healthy Breakfast – Fresh orange juice, chai latte, toast with jam and butter, small bowl of fresh fruit and a small dragon smoothie bowl: €15.95

I decided not to be as healthy and opted for the Egg Benedict, two poached eggs, with bacon, salad and hollandaise sauce. As I am a big eater, I was happy that Corner Bakery do not scrimp on the portion size. The poached eggs were on a fluffy English style muffin, which made it even more worthwhile. My other friend had the Brioche French toast with fresh fruit and maple syrup. When the dish came out we were all shocked by the sheer size of the fruit that accompanied the French toast it was like a meal in itself.; that too was delicious!

Eggs Benedict, brioche French toast & Fresh mint tea: €24.90

Everything I tried was truly incredible, and I know I will back for a second time. If you are looking for great food that is affordable in a little unique area that lives by one rule… DON’T COUNT THE CALORIES then this is the place for you!  Corner Bakery I shall be returning soon!


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