People will travel anywhere for good food

Coffee and Friends Make the Perfect Blend 

Amsterdam Eatery Lookbook: Pluk Amsterdam 

pluk 3

Amsterdam has an immense amount of cafes, restaurants and juice bars, making it easy to stumble across places to eat around every corner. Known to locals as De Negen Straatjes or ‘The Nine Streets”, this quaint neighborhood is filled to the brim with vintage shops, designer stores, and cozy cafes and Pluk was one of them. Pluk is a charming cafe that would appeal to the health-conscious foodies as well as individuals like myself ‘attempting to be healthy’.

I was drawn to Pluk because of the cafe’s aesthetic. The atmosphere and ambiance are what gives it the wow factor. The downstairs area consists of a small shop selling fruit and vegetables, home-ware, gift-ware and of course the food! The dainty bags, cups, and stationary mirror the cafes interior design – all of which can be bought it in-store or online!

Make Bake the world a happy place


Upon entering there is a counter on the right-hand side filled with raw and healthy treats that which would usually be associated with a feeling of guilt. However, Pluk’s large selection of healthier cakes, such as their divine raw carrot cake, homemade banana bread, and chocolate chip and pumpkin blondies encompass fewer calories than the ‘norm’.

I opted for the Red velvet cake, as red velvet usually contains chocolate I’m usually impartial to have a slice. Those of you that have read my first post (Friday is my second favourite F word, my first is food) will know that I am allergic to chocolate. As the red velvet cake was made with organic beetroot, I got the opportunity to experience it for the first time ever!

Red velvet cake + Beetroot latte: €7.70

I continued the beetroot theme and had beetroot latte alongside my slice of cake. I have to admit it was an acquired taste but an experience nevertheless. However, the cake, on the other hand, was to die for! It was soft (I despise dry cake) and the buttercream on the top with the fresh berries was delicious. It was everything I expected and more!

Be a unicorn in a field of horses 

Pluk’s fresh produce fits in perfectly with the newly emerging health trend due to its nutritious benefits. The menu consists of a variety of sandwiches and wraps that are filled with protein and leaves, pressed juices, poke bowls and salads as well as there infamous smoothie bowls. My friend ordered the unicorn smoothie bowl, which is a mix of passion fruit, coconut, mango, apple, pineapple, banana and cherries with a topping of granola, banana, chia seeds, coconut flakes, and a cone.

Unicorn smoothie bowl + Beetroot latte: €13.80

The unicorn smoothie bowl is one of the cafes most renown dishes, so of course, I couldn’t let my friend order it without experiencing it first hand. – After all, sharing is caring! It was so good that my initial ‘taste’ turned into several mouthfuls of goodness. Unlike other smoothie bowls I have tried, it was a good balance of sweetness and the chia seeds, granola, and decorative cone added an element of texture to the dish.

I think its fair to say that my first experience at Pluk was a positive one, while it is not the most affordable place in Amsterdam, the location and food quality makes it worthwhile. It is a lovely place to grab a coffee, sandwich, or a light lunch when wandering the Nine Streets and I would definitely recommend it.


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