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Amsterdam Eatery Lookbook: Staring at Jacob 


I am obsessed with brunch, purely because I’m lazy and hardly ever wake up on time to have breakfast, so brunch is my ideal meal. Being the brunch lover that I am, it was only right to experience a few bunch spots while in Amsterdam. One of which was Staring at Jacobs x Ku West. Staring at Jacobs is located on Jacab van Lennepkade, facing the Jacob van Lennepkannal which is one of Amsterdam famous canals; hence the name of the restaurant. Staring at Jacobs street terrace is adjacent to the canal, making it an ideal location during the spring/summer months. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to have brunch outdoors, especially in the warmer weather!

Staring at Jacob is a hospitable restaurant which is fused with a hipster-chic vibe. The bare brick walls, old-school chalkboard paired with the vintage style furnishing and the American hip hop music creates the ‘New York’ ambiance. As the restaurant is located in a residential area it lead my friends and I to delve into streets/neighborhoods we wouldn’t have visited otherwise. The menu was even better than the surroundings, the American inspired restaurant consisted of fried chicken, waffles and buttermilk pancakes. Alongside the brunch menu, there is an extensive drinks menu that includes a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, hot drinks and iced coffees. 

chalk board

Brunch Squad…Assemble!

Now down to the nitty-gritty, the brunch itself. I found my calling in life after demolishing the buttermilk pancakes which was part of the ‘All Round’ breakfast. The All Round breakfast consisted of buttermilk pancakes, soft scrambled eggs, bacon, Lincolnshire sausage, soft seasoned potatoes and a helping of maple syrup…Yes, I can confirm that is all tasted as good as it sounds,  if not better!

Everything on the plate was cooked to perfection and I didn’t have a single complaint about anything that was served. I paired the meal with an iced coffee, good quality coffee beans were used and there are dairy alternative milks available which is ideal as I drink predominately Soya milk. 

Rasco Breakfast  – Fried chicken, buttermilk waffles, soft scrambled eggs served with maple syrup. 13,50

All Round – Buttermilk pancakes, soft scrambled eggs, bacon, Lincolnshire sausage, and seasoned potatoes served with maple syrup.  13,50

On the other hand, both of my friends opted for the breakfast named Rasco. The Rasco breakfast was similar in nature to the All Round. It included fried chicken, buttermilk waffles, soft scrambled eggs which were accompanied with Maple Syrup. Usually, a mixed leaf salad would have been served with the dish but they had run out, however we did arrive at at the restaurant fairly late in the day (approximately 3 pm) – Let’s be honest who really needs a side salad with chicken and waffles anyway?

They both also got a cocktail which was ten euros each. While I can’t remember the name of the drink, what I do remember is that it was laced with Vodka! Most places I visit you can hardly ever taste the alcohol, this was the complete opposite. A few cocktails would have left both my friends stumbling down the cobbled streets of Amsterdam.

If you know me, I always taste what my friends/family members order as I can’t help myself but more importantly, I do not review meals that I haven’t tried first hand! The fried chicken had a good consistency the batter was lightly seasoned and was evenly coated.  In addition to this, the batter was crispy and the meat inside was tender. – All of which is typical of American style fried chicken.

I was initially planning on choosing this dish but I was apprehensive that the chicken may have been greasy and I was soooooooooooo (the o’s depict my hunger) hungry  I didn’t want to risk it but this was not case at all! The scrambled egg that accompanied with the dish mirrored the All Round breakfast but the portion seemed to be a little smaller. That being said, it did not phase my friend as she was more interested in the fried chicken and my other friend dislikes egg but was offered extra chicken instead!

One thing that was not on the menu but was offered to us by the owner was a homemade chili sauce. I am a complete wimp and do not like food that is too spicy but this chili sauce was sweet and then the heat hit you thereafter. My friends loved it and even asked for seconds! Overall, Rasco is a great place if you are into American style brunches particularly chicken and waffles on the same plate. So, next time you’re looking for a good brunch spot in Amsterdam, don’t forget to go to Staring at Jacob! 



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